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The Legend of Auntie Lani

The Legend of Auntie Lani's Shave Ice starts in Old Hawaii when times were simple. Auntie Lani and Uncle Kimo lived in a small fishing and farming village on the North Shore of Oahu. They weren't able to have any keiki (children) of their own but, being so full of love, they adopted the whole island. They treated everyone like 'ohana and everyone called them "auntie" and "uncle".

Auntie Lani's most favorite thing in the whole world was shave ice. She loved her shave ice and everybody knew it. Uncle Kimo even built her a little shack right on the beach in front of their hale (home). It was simple with just an ice shaver and a few of her homemade flavors (fresh island juices and cane sugar, of course).

Auntie Lani loved to make shave ice for everybody on the island. They would come from all the different villages just to visit with Auntie and eat her "ono" (delicious) shave ice. Her humble little shack quickly became the favorite gathering place on the island to take a break from life and visit with family and friends. Villagers brought their ukuleles and they often sang the songs of old Hawaii.

Auntie Lani perfected shave ice and is fondly remembered for her contribution to what is known worldwide as "Hawaiian shave ice". We're proud to carry on her legacy and hope you enjoy her Aloha. She would want you to feel at home at her little shave ice shack on the beach...